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Typof vinification :


        This NOBLE ROTTED VOUVRAY comes from “successively selected” hand-picked grapes attacked by noble rot.  Since the harvest is fragile, the grapes are transported in boxes to avoid friction.  After gentle pressing for 7 to 8 hours, the very rich must has a concentration of over 350 grams of sugar per litre (21° alcohol potential). It is then drawn off and transferred to oak barrels for long fermentation.  The fermentation is entirely spontaneous, without the addition of selected yeast.  The fermentation is natural at about 13° alcohol.  Racked two or three times and finely filtered, the wine is bottled in the spring.


Ageing potential : 50 years or more in cellar.


Description :


       This light golden yellow wine with golden reflections has thick and close “legs”.  A powerful and complex bouquet reveals a subtle and harmonious mixture of crystallised figs, roasted almonds, quince or even honey.  In the mouth, it begins with a fleshy and fruity sweetness and ends with a touch of acidity and a long note of quince.  This wine is structured with exceptional sumptuousness that will surprise the most patient of tasters.

Wines & Dishes :

For an aperitif, alone or with:

-         foie gras,

-         poultry and white meats in “cream” sauce,

-         goat’s cheese,

-         blue cheese,

-         Desserts (with honey, almonds, eggs, zabaglione…)


The following vintages are available :


   1996 - 1997         

   2003 - 2005